Supra-spinatus Tendonitus

‘I came to see Sarah Pulley because I had developed tendonitis in my left shoulder which was causing me particular discomfort at night. I had the pain for about 6 weeks and since it wasn't improving of its own accord I thought I had better get it seen to. After my initial assessment and first treatment with Sarah I noticed a considerable improvement. I almost felt like a fraud returning for the 2nd session. However, I did, and since the second set of needles I haven't needed to return!

Jack, Gloucestershire July 2014


Tension Headaches

Recently sustained a serious head injury. On a return visit to the hospital a few days after the event, the doctor advised me to seek out a head massage and acupuncture specialist on order to ease the severe headaches I was experiencing, due to tension in the scalp. Having previously used Personal Best for their chiropractic services, which included some acupuncture, I approached them to see if they could help. As a result, I had a number of appointments with Sarah during the month that I was off work to recover. 

The appointments, after Sarah's initial assessment, involved massage and acupuncture at various points all over the body. Each appointment resulted in further pain relief, for which I was pleased and extremely grateful.

Sarah was welcoming, friendly, understanding of my situation and clearly an expert in her field. I would not hesitate to recommend her and her expertise to others, or to return myself in the future. Thanks Sarah...

Matt, Cam

Immune boost

‘When I came to see Sarah I was feeling really run down and exhausted and seemed to have a re-occurring cold even though it was summer! I had been through an emotional time and it was generally hard to get up in the mornings. After the first treatment I noticed that I felt brighter in myself, but it was really after the 4th treatment with Sarah that I felt like I was genuinely more energetic and smiling to myself. I now go and see her whenever I feel like I need a pick me up!’ Sam



Thank you so much for all your help, my hayfever has basically disappeared now and I am no longer taking any medication! 

As a sufferer of hayfever for many years I found the conventional treatments and medications having little effect on my symptoms. This is when I discovered acupuncture as a possible solution. When I arrived for my first session I had puffy eyes, sounded like I had a heavy cold and found my energy levels to be very low. Sarah was very good at explaining the treatment but also at explaining how my diet and lifestyle could also be changed to help the acupuncture take effect. After 2 or 3 sessions I found a remarkable change in my energy levels and a significant reduction in my symptoms. By the end of 5 treatments my hayfever was nearly non existant with me hardly ever having to take any medication at all. Sarah was very friendly and professional and excellent at putting me at ease throughout all the treatments. I would strongly recommend acupuncture to anyone considering it, the benefits have honestly made my summer so much more enjoyable! Thank you Sarah!!’



Auto-Immue condition

Thanks for this Sarah. As a quick update; I felt really walloped in the afternoon after our session but after a long and peaceful sleep was much better yesterday and am feeling even better today. Thank you for your help and advice. At the moment I think it is only really my sessions with you that are having any marked beneficial effect on my condition for which I am immensely grateful.


Stephen, Stonehouse



I've been several times to sarah for various injuries ,aches and pains.

Most Appointments consist of amazing massage either laid down or sat in chair when my backs bad. I find sarah so comforting and helpful whatever treatment i have, my mind body and soul really benefit from my visits to sarah.



Late pregnancy

‘I came to see Sarah when I was 40 weeks pregnant and in the middle of moving house. I was feeling the usual tiredness and aching associated with the last few weeks of pregnancy as well as pretty stressed.. After an hours Tui na massage I left feeling much more flexible, energised and ready to face the outside world again'.

Georgina, London



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